JMMH vol. 1 (2003)

Journal of Medieval Military History

Volume 1

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the First Volume, by Bernard S. Bachrach
  • The Vegetian ‘Science of Warfare in the Middle Ages, by Clifford J. Rogers
  • Battle Seeking: The Contexts and Limits of Vegetian Strategy, by Stephen Morillo
  • Italia – Bavaria – Avaria: The Grand Strategy behind Charlemange’s Renovatio Imperii in the West, by Charles R. Bowlus
  • The Composition and Raising of the Armies of Charlemagne, by John France
  • Some Observations on the Role of the Byzantine Navy in the Success of the First Crusade, by Bernard S. Bachrach
  • Besieging Bedford: Military Logistics in 1224, by Emilie Amt
  • ‘To aid the Custodian and Council’: Edmund of Langley and the Defense of the Realm, June – July 1399, by Douglas Biggs
  • Flemish Urban Militias Against the French Calvary Armies in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, by J. F Verbruggen (translated by Kelly DeVries)
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