JMMH vol. 2 (2004)

Journal of Medieval Military History

Volume 2

Table of Contents

  • The Use of Chronicles in Recreating Medieval Military History , by Kelly DeVries
  • Military Service in the County of Flanders , by J.F. Verbruggen (translated by Kelly DeVries)
  • Prince into Mercenary: Count Armengol VI of Urgel, 1102-1154 , by Bernard F. Reilly
  • Henry II’s Military Campaigns in Wales, 1157-1165 , by John D. Hosler
  • Origins of the Crossbow Industry in England, by David Bachrach
  • The Bergerac Campaign (1345) and the Generalship of Henry of Lancaster, by Clifford J. Rogers
  • A Shattered Circle: Eastern Spanish Fortifications and Their Repair during the “Calamitous Fourteenth Century”, by Donald J. Kagay
  • The Militia of Malta, by Theresa M . Vann
  • “Up with Orthodoxy”: In Defense of Vegetian Warfare, by John Gillingham
  • Document: 100,000 Crossbow Bolts for the Crusading King of Aragon, translated by Robert I. Burns, S.J.
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