JMMH vol. 3 (2005)

Journal of Medieval Military History

Volume 3

Table of Contents

  • A Lying Legacy? A Preliminary Discussion of Images of Antiquity and Altered Reality in Medieval Military History, by Richard Abels and Stephen R Morillo
  • War and Sanctity: Saints’ Lives as Sources for Early Medieval Warfare, by John France
  • The 791 Equine Epidemic and its Impact on Charlemagne’s Army, by Carroll Gillmor
  • The Role of the Cavalry in Medieval Warfare, by J F Verbruggen
  • Sichelgaita of Salerno: Amazon or Trophy Wife?, by Valerie Eads
  • Castilian Military Reform under the Reign of Alfonso XI (1312-50), by Nicolas Agrait
  • Ferrante d’Este’s Letters as a Source for Military History, by Sergio Mantovani
  • Provisions for the Ostend Militia on the Defense, August 1436, by Kelly DeVries
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