JMMH vol. 3 (2005)

Journal of Medieval Military History, Volume 3

Table of Contents

A Lying Legacy? A Preliminary Discussion of Images of Antiquity and Altered Reality in Medieval Military History, by Richard Abels and Stephen R Morillo

War and Sanctity: Saints’ Lives as Sources for Early Medieval Warfare, by John France

The 791 Equine Epidemic and its Impact on Charlemagne’s Army, by Carroll Gillmor

The Role of the Cavalry in Medieval Warfare, by J F Verbruggen

Sichelgaita of Salerno: Amazon or Trophy Wife?, by Valerie Eads

Castilian Military Reform under the Reign of Alfonso XI (1312-50), by Nicolas Agrait

Ferrante d’Este’s Letters as a Source for Military History, by Sergio Mantovani

Provisions for the Ostend Militia on the Defense, August 1436, by Kelly DeVries

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