JMMH vol. 9 (2011)

Journal of Medieval Military History

Volume IX: Soldiers, Weapons and Armies in the Fifteenth Century

Guest editors: Anne Curry and Adrian R. Bell

The articles in this volume focus on the fifteenth century. Several draw on the substantial archives of the Burgundian polity, focusing particularly on the Flemish shooting guilds, spying, and the provision of troops by towns. The urban emphasis continues with a study of the transition from `traditional’ artillery to gunpowder weaponry in Southampton, and a comparison of descriptions of military engagements in the London Chronicles and in Swiss town chronicles. Welsh chronicling of the battle of Edgecote (1469) is also reviewed, and there is a re-assessment of Welsh involvement in the Agincourt campaign. English interests in France are pursued in two further papers, one considering the personnel of the ordnance companies in Lancastrian Normandy and the other examining the little-known French attacks on Gascony in the early years of the fifteenth century.

Contributors: Frederik Buylaert, Jan Van Camp, Bert Verwerft, Adam Chapman, Laura Crombie, Andy King, Barry Lewis, Randall Moffett, Guilhem Pepin, Andreas Rémy, Bastian Walter

Table of Contents

  • The French Offensive of 1404-1407 against Anglo-Gascon Aquitaine by Guilhem Pepin
  • The King’s Welshmen:  Welsh Involvement in the Expeditionary Army of 1415 by Adam Chapman
  • Gunners, Aides and Archers:  The Personnel of the English Ordnance Companies in Normandy in the Fifteenth Century by Andy King
  • Defense, Honor and Community: The Military and Social Bonds of the Dukes of Burgundy and the Flemish Shooting Guilds by Laura Crombie
  • The Battle of Edgecote or Banbury (1469) Through the Eyes of Contemporary Welsh Poets by Barry Lewis
  • Descriptions of Battles in Fifteenth-Century Urban Chronicles:  A Comparison of the Siege of London in May 1471 and the Battle of Grandson, 2 March 1476 by Andreas Remy
  • Urban Espionage and Counterespionage during the Burgundian Wars (1468-1477) by Bastian Walter
  • Urban Militias, Nobles and Mercenaries:  The Organization of the Antwerpt Army in the Flemish-Brabantine Revolt of the 1480s by Frederik Buylaert, Jan Van Camp, and Bert Verwerft
  • Military Equipment in the Towns of Southhampton during the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries by Randall Moffett

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