Pre-order: Military Communities in Late Medieval England Essays in Honour of Andrew Ayton

Military Communities in Late Medieval England
Essays in Honour of Andrew Ayton

edited by Gary P. Baker, Craig L. Lambert and David Simpkin

From warhorses to the men-at-arms who rode them; armies that were raised to the lords who recruited, led, administered, and financed them; and ships to the mariners who crewed them; few aspects of the organisation and logistics of war in late medieval England have escaped the scholarly attention, or failed to benefit from the insights, of Dr Andrew Ayton. The concept of the military community, with its emphasis on warfare as a collective social enterprise, has always lain at the heart of his work; he has shown in particular how this age of warfare is characterised by related but intersecting military communities, marked not only by the social and political relationships within armies and navies, but by communities of mind, experience, and enterprise.

The essays in this volume, ranging from the late thirteenth to the early fifteenth century, address various aspects of this idea. They offer investigations of soldiers’ and mariners’ equipment; their obligations, functions, status, and recruitment; and the range and duration of their service.

Contributors: gary p. baker, adrian r. bell, peter coss, anne curry, robert w. jones, andy king, craig l. lambert, tony k. moore, j.j.n. palmer, philip preston, matthew raven, clifford j. rogers, nigel saul, david simpkin

The book will be published in the spring of 2018. It is offered here to subscribers at a substantial pre-publication discount. All those who subscribe will have their names included in the Tabula Gratulatoria.

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