JMMH vol. 16 (2018)

Journal of Medieval Military History

Volume 16

Edited by John France, Kelly DeVries, Clifford J. Rogers

The articles here offer a wide range of approaches to medieval warfare. They include traditional studies of strategy (on Baybars) and the logistics of Edward II’s wars, as well as cultural history (an examination of chivalry in Guy of Warwick) intellectual history (a broad analysis of strategic theory in the Middle Ages), and social history (on knightly training in arms). The Hundred Years War is studied using cutting-edge methodology (data-driven analysis of skirmishes) and by tackling relatively new areas of inquiry (environmental history). There is also a close reading of Carolingian documents, which sheds new light on armies and warfare in the time of Charles the Great.

Contributors: Ronald W. Braasch III, Pierre Galle, Walter Goffart, Carl I. Hammer, John Hosler, Rabei G. Khamisy, Ilana Krug, Danny Lake-Giguère, Brian Price.

Table of Contents

  • In the Field with Charlemagne, 791 – Carl Hammer
  • The Recruitment of Freemen into the Carolingian Army, or How Far May One Argue from Silence? – Walter Goffart
  • Baybars’ Strategy of War against the Franks – Rabei G. Khamisy
  • Food, Famine and Edward II’s Military Failures – Ilana Krug
  • The Impacts of Warfare on Woodland Exploitation in Late Medieval Normandy (1364-1380): Royal Forests as Military Assets during the Hundred Years’ War – Danny Lake-Giguère
  • Exercises in Arms: the Physical and Mental Combat Training of Men-at-Arms in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries – Pierre Gaite
  • The Skirmish: A Statistical Analysis of Minor Combats during the Hundred Years’ War: 1337-1453 – Ronald W. Braasch
  • Yron & Stele: Chivalric Ethos, Martial Pedagogy, Equipment, and Combat Technique in the Early Fourteenth Century Middle English Version of Guy of Warwick – Brian R. Price
  • Reframing the Conversation on Medieval Military Strategy – John Hosler
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