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With the launch of our annual The Journal of Medieval Military History, it was decided at our 2002 business meeting to begin an annual membership fee, which would cover the cost of each member’s journal, and to help pay for some of the Society’s other activities. The fee has been set at US$35 for individuals, with the first $30 covering the cost of each member’s copy of the journal. This price is significantly lower than the institutional and non-member price. The remaining $5 will go to the society for the Verbruggen Prize, and other society support.The dues year runs from one Annual Meeting (which takes place at the International Congress of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo in May) to the next. Active membership entitles you to receive a copy of the Journal of Medieval Military Historywhen it is published, usually in the fall (so that, for example, if you pay your membership at the 2009 Annual Meeting, your membership will be valid until May 2010, and Volume 7 of the Journal will be shipped to you in late fall of 2009.) Active members will receive renewal requests about a month before the expiration of their membership.There are two ways to pay for the membership. First, we can accept checks for US$35 (drawn on a US bank only, please). Second, we can accept credit card payments through Visa or MasterCard. However, our publisher currently charges us a fee to process credit card payments, so we much prefer to receive checks. To become a De Re Militari member, you need to print and mail the following form:

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