The current (2019) officers of De Re Militari are:

President: John Hosler, U.S. Army Command & General Staff College

Past Presidents:L. J. Andrew Villalon, University of  Cincinnati (emeritus); Stephen Morillo, Wabash College

Executive Secretary/sessions organizer: Kelly DeVries, Loyola University, Baltimore

Treasurer: Jay Roberts, Olathe North/East H.S

Assistant Treasurer: Carroll Gillmor, Independent Scholar

Program Chair: Valerie Eads, School of Visual Arts

Webmaster: Peter Konieczny,

Book Review Editor: Craig M Nakashian, Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Chairman of the prize committees and Membership Secretary:  L. J. Andrew Villalon

Editors of the Journal of Medieval Military History: Clifford Rogers, Kelly DeVries, John France

Members of the Prize Committees (2019)

Verbruggen prize: John France (Chair), Nicholas Prouteau, Donald J. Kagay, John Hosler (temporarily replaced by L. J. Andrew Villalon in 2019)

Gillingham prize: Editors of the Journal of Medieval Military History

Bernard Bachrach Prize (“The Bernie”): John Hosler (ex oficio), Kelly DeVries, Helen Nicholson, Valerie Eads, Stephen Morillo

Members of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Medieval Military History

David Bachrach, Valerie Eads, Daniel Franke, John Gillingham, Carroll Gillmor, Steven Isaac, Ilana Krug, Helen Nicolson, Leif Petersen, Theresa Vann

Founding Editors of the Journal of Medieval Military History

Bernard S. Bachrach
Clifford J. Rogers
Kelly DeVries

Founder of the DRM Website: Peter Konieczny

Secretary/treasurer (2001-2013): Carroll Gillmor

Book Review Editor (2004-2013): Steven Walton

For more information, you can contact the society at

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