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deremilitari.jpgThe officers of the society would simply remind all of you that it is very much in the interests of both the field of medieval military history and all producing scholars in that field to support DRM and to keep the JMMH alive and well.

As most of you are aware, as a society, we offer absolutely free of charge one of the most useful academic websites available to both students and producing scholars.  Here we host many primary sources, articles, dissertations, and resources for the study of warfare, military technology, and related topics from the fall of Rome to the early seventeenth century.  We also have an active online Book Review section.  It is no exaggeration to say that we are becoming the principle online source for scholarly information about war in the Middle Ages.

In addition, during the twelve years of its existence, the JMMH, which is produced by the society, has become the major outlet for original articles on all aspects of medieval military history, articles written not only by well-established authors, but also by younger members of the profession seeking to get their work into print.  While journals dedicated to the history of the crusades will print articles on that topic and other medieval journals will accept the occasional piece on medieval military matters, no other publication is dedicated entirely to such offerings.  The works that have appeared in JMMH range chronologically from the early Middle Ages to its closing centuries and geographically include Britain, Western and Eastern Europe, the Near East, North Africa, and Central Asia.  On top of all this, the turn-around time on articles submitted to the journal tends to be faster than most other potential outlets.  Last, but not least, one cannot beat the price!

Consequently, scholars in our field are strongly encouraged to take out a membership in DRM. Those teaching at colleges and universities are also encouraged to get their libraries to purchase the JMMH.  These actions will help keep both the society and the journal strong and healthy.

If you would like to pay by check, please print the form available on our Membership Form page.  Or if you wish to pay online, click through below.

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