JMMH vol. 13 (2015)

Journal of Medieval Military History

Volume 13

Edited by John France, Kelly DeVries, Clifford J. Rogers

Warfare on the periphery of Europe and across cultural boundaries is a particular focus of this volume. One article, on Castilian seapower, treats the melding of northern and southern naval traditions; another clarifies the military roles of the Ayyubid and Mamluk miners and stoneworkers in siege warfare; a third emphasizes cultural considerations in an Icelandic conflict; a fourth looks at how an Iberian prelate navigated the line between ecclesiastical and military responsibilities; and a fifth analyzes the different roles of early gunpowder weapons in Europe and China, linking technological history with the significance of human geography. Further contributions also consider technology, two dealing with fifteenth-century English artillery and the third with prefabricated mechanical artillery during the Crusades. Another theme of the volume is source criticism, with re-examinations of the sources for Owain Glyndwr’s (possible) victory at Hyddgen in 1401, a (possible) Danish attack on England in 1128, and the role of non-milites in Salian warfare.

Contributors: Nicolás Agrait, Tonio Andrade, David Bachrach, Oren Falk, Devin Fields, Michael S. Fulton, Thomas K. Heeboll-Holm, Rabei G. Khamisy, Michael Livingstone, Dan Spencer, L.J. Andrew Villalon

Table of Contents

  • Feudalism, Romanticism, and Source Criticism: Writing the Military History of Salian Germany – David S. Bachrach
  • When the Lamb Attacked the Lion: A Danish Attack on England in 1138? – Thomas K. Heebøll-Holm
  • Development of Prefabricated Artillery during the Crusades – Michael S. Fulton
  • Some Notes on Ayyubid and Mamluk Military Terms – Rabei G. Khamisy
  • Helgastaðir, 1220: A Battle of No Significance? – Oren Falk
  • Por la guarda de la mar: Castile and the Struggle for the Sea in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries – Nicolas Agrait
  • The Battle of Hyddgen, 1401: Owain Glyndwr’s Victory Reconsidered – Michael Livingston
  • The Provision of Artillery for the 1428 Expedition to France – Dan Spencer
  • 1471: The Year of Three Battles and English Gunpowder Artillery – Devin Fields
  • “Cardinal Sins” and “Cardinal Virtues” of “El Tercer Rey,” Pedro González de Mendoza: The Many Faces of a Warrior Churchman in Late Medieval Europe – L. J. Andew Villalon
  • Late Medieval Divergences: Comparative Perspectives on Early Gunpowder Warfare in Europe and China – Tonio Andrade
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