DRM Membership Form

DRM will be changing its renewals process for 2014 (Volume 12)  

Click icon for renewal form
Click icon for renewal form

For a renewal for Vol. 13 (2015), or to get a back issues that you may have missed, please print out the PDF form to the right and send it with your check or money order to:

De Re Militari
PO Box 2211
Olathe, KS 66051

For further information, please e-mail:  jaywr@planetkc.com 

An explanation of the payment options involving variable rates:

In the past, we have strongly encouraged members, particularly those living within the United States, to pay their annual dues in US dollars either by check or postal money order. We have done this because the small percentage of the membership fee that goes to support the activities of the society is largely consumed by credit card transaction fees. (In the past, only $5 went to the society; the remainder to Boydell and Brewer for purchase of the JMMH.)

This past summer, the DRM executive committee reached a decision to eliminate the option of paying by credit card. We took this step for two reasons:

1. (First and foremost) to eliminate the fee to process credit card payments charged by Boydell and Brewer, publisher of the JMMH

2. To simplify the process on our end, by eliminating the need to deal with credit card transactions

On the other hand, mandating that everybody who joins De re militari adopt this manner of payment has already proven impractical given the number of non-US members of the society and the very real added costs they may have to incur in having to undertake the necessary dollar transactions.

At the same time, we do not believe it either fair or prudent that the society’s entire income from the membership dues should be consumed in processing charges for credit cards. Hence, we needed to find a workable solution—one that would keep membership costs reasonable and yet return some much-needed revenue to the society.

We believe that our new policy of variable rates for membership achieves that balance.

As a result, for the current year (2014), membership costs will continue to be $35 for those paying in US dollars with a check or money order made out to De re militari. However, for those who wish to make their payment by credit card, the membership fee will be $38.

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