Verbruggen, Gillingham, and Bachrach Prizes

The Verbruggen Prize

Named in honour of Jans F. Verbruggen, one of the foremost scholars in the field of medieval warfare, De Re Militari has created the Verbruggen Prize, given annually for the best book on medieval military history.  All De Re Miltiari members are invited to nominate a book.


The prize will be offered annually for the best book on medieval military history published within the prior three years (e.g. books published 2001-2003 will be eligible for the 2004 prize.)

2. Authors or publishers may nominate a book, but for the book to be eligible, one copy of it must reach each of the three committee members by 30 December of the year preceding the award.  The book may be on any aspect of medieval military history, broadly conceived.

3. The Award Committee will base their selection on the following three criteria, in descending order of importance:

a. Importance and originality of the contribution to the field of medieval military history.

b. Quality and depth of scholarship

c. Clarity and quality of prose.

4. Committee members will serve two-year terms.  The committee chair ill nominate a new committee slate at the DRM annual meeting.

5. The prize committee will choose the winner by majority vote by 15 March.  If there is a three-way tie, the President of De Re Militari will cast the tie-breaking vote.  The prize, a monetary award ($150 in 2004) and a framed certificate will be awarded at the De Re Militari Special Session at Kalamazoo.

Current Committee:

  • John France (University of Swansea) (chair)
  •  John Hosler (Morgan State Univ.)
  • Nicolas Prouteau (Université de Poitiers)

past winners

For more information, please contact John France at (


The Gillingham Prize

Named in honor of English scholar, John Gillingham, De Re Militari has created the Gillingham Prize given annually to the best article by a member to appear in the preceding issue of the JMMH.


The Gillingham Prize will be awarded annually to the best article in the previous year’s issue of the Journal of Medieval Military History written by a member of DRM. Selection of the winner will be made by the editors of the journal who may also award honorable mention to other articles. At their discretion, the editors may name other members of DRM to participate in the decision. Those who wish to compete for the Gillingham Prize should note the following: to be eligible for the Gillingham Prize, the author/s of an article must currently be a member/s of the Society for Medieval Military History. Consequently, it is recommended that authors whose articles have been accepted for publication and who wish to compete for the prize make certain that their membership is current. The special annual lecture which is regularly published in the following year’s issue of the JMMH will not be eligible for the prize.

Current Committee (editors of the JMMH):

  • Clifford Rogers (Military Academy at West Point) (chair)
  • Kelly DeVries (Loyola University of Maryland)
  • John France (University of Swansea)

past winners


The Bernard Bachrach Prize (“the Bernie”)

Named for the dean of American historians dealing with medieval military affairs, Bernard S. Bachrach, this award will be conferred upon an individual whose career is judged to have substantially contributed to the study of our discipline.

Winners of the Bernard Bachrach Prize for Distinguished Service to the Discipline of Medieval Military History will be determined by a committee appointed by the chairman of the prize committees with the approval of the Executive Committee. Distinguished service to the discipline shall be broadly defined, with scholarly publication constituting only one of the possible qualifications. Other qualifications for which the prize may be awarded include promoting and/or raising the visibility of medieval military studies, mentoring students and junior scholars in the field, supporting and promoting organizations devoted to medieval military history, etc. This prize will ordinarily be conferred biennially.

Winners of the Bernie Bachrach Prize:

2016: Kenneth G. Madison, Iowa State University

For decades, Ken has been a steady propagator of medieval military history, as well as a principal and active support of De Re Militari from virtually its very formation. He is by training  specialist in late medieval England, but his interests in military history range across the period. At Iowa State, his undergraduate courses on the Middle Ages and ancient and medieval warfare were always full, and his graduate seminars were legendary for the their scope and content. In particular, Ken was expert in teaching the practicalities of both scholarship and academia; not only researching and writing but also the ins and outs of conferences and papers/panels, submitting manuscripts to journals, and applying and interviewing for jobs. Accordingly, from his seminars came dozens of Kalamazoo papers, with quite a few of them appearing in De Re sessions; at one point, there were so many of his graduate students participating in the conference that they were collectively known as “the Iowa State Mafia.” Several of his students have gone on to tenured appointments, including Douglas Biggs, Bruce Homann, and John Hosler. He has therefore made a serious and sustained contribution to the field of medieval military history.

2015: John France, University of Swasnsea

2014: Bernard S. Bachrach, University of Minnesota


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